Alloy LED is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end LED lighting solutions. They operate in the wholesale, specifier, and OEM sales channels, with a focus on architects, design/build contractors, and lighting designers. I developed a suite of product and family names that would not only intuitively convey a sense of quality and function, but help customers quickly make sense of numerous product types and models.

PrimaLine® – the company’s primary family of linear lights. Each model has a number denoting the wattage, e.g. PrimaLine 1.5.
Varien™ Dim-to-Warm – changes color temperature as you dim
Radialux® – color-changing lighting. Each model has a number denoting the wattage, e.g. Radialux 4.4.
PowerLine™ AC – while the vast majority of LED lighting is low voltage, this product is high voltage, and the name telegraphs its top selling point.

Amp Champ™ Tape & Wire Connector – developed to solve the problem of installations limited by their connectors, and marketed to contractors, the Amp Champ has a high amperage rating.
SlimDim™ Wireless Dimmer – a compact and portable wireless LED dimmer

Continua Aluminum Channels – the family name for products used to mount linear lighting
Surfa® – surface-mount
Suspan® – suspended
Ankr® – in-wall in drywall
Naro® – recessed
Duro™ – in-ground installation in areas with foot traffic

Hangr™ – a closet light bar
PolyForm™ – modular fixtures that snap together to create a variety of shapes and patterns
ThruLine™ Selector & Slim – linear high-voltage fixtures
Polara™ puck and disc lights providing focused task lighting
PowerFactor™ – dimmable drivers with a high power factor
PrimaVolt® – the company’s primary line of dimmable LED drivers