“Boron VII” Promo Blurb

In 2016, Boron found himself on the remote Greek island of Thirasia. Little more than a rocky outcropping in the Aegean Sea with only a hotel and a monastery, it was the perfect setting for emptying the mind and letting tired grey matter be buffeted by the wind and salt mists.

Field Hymns Blurbs

Not since Marc Almond emoted all over our hetero minds and flew in the face of so many sugar-free men has dance-pop twisted our bodies and minds. Scammers has more drumbox bravado

Old Light One-Sheet

Despite what the laundry detergent ads have been telling us, the future’s going to be dirty. No matter how much time we spend in front of the little clean, white geometric figures of the wuh wuh wuh, that white glow won’t rub off.