Raquel has been with Alloy LED since August of 2016, making her officially “old school.” You’ve all spoken to this Customer Experience Manager on the phone, whether for support, help with an order, or anything else you need, so you know how she manages to be both on top of everything and bubbly at the same time. We don’t know where she gets it but if it ever becomes available in a bottle, we’ll take a case!

Her previous work experience, as well as extensive volunteering, proves her strong commitment to helping people. She has worked in the non-profit sector assisting the homeless in transitioning to housing, and with high school students as they prepare for entering college.

She has traveled to places like Mozambique, Nepal, and Indonesia to put time in at an orphanage and to assist in earthquake and tsunami relief. Alongside her full time work at Alloy, she is also currently pursuing a degree in sociology.

When she can find a free hour here and there, she likes to hike and appreciates good wine, coffee, and food. She also loves music, having played the drums for over twelve years.

Raquel’s big news lately is that she is getting married this fall. Her fiancé BB has come to the last couple Alloy holiday parties and he’s a super guy. Raquel, we just want you to know that you have our approval in this and everything you do!