These instructions detail how to “pair” a remote controller with a receiver unit to control LED lighting.

How to Pair the Receiver with the Wireless Remote Control (AL-60-03-0002), Remote Control Dimmer Switch (AL-60-03-0001), or DMX Touch Wall Controller (AL-60-03-0003)

  1. Connect the components according to the diagram above, and power on when connections have been verified.
  2. Wake up the controller by touching the ON/OFF button. The power indicator will light up.
  3. Short press the “Learning Key” button on the receiver.
  4. Touch a zone button on the controller. If only setting up one zone, simply press the “1” button.
  5. Then touch the color wheel.
  6. The connected LED lights will blink to confirm the zone designation.

How to Unpair the Receiver and Controller

  1. Hold down the “Learning Key” button on the receiver for about 5 seconds.
  2. When the LED lights flash, the controller has been unpaired.

Multiple Zones and Multiple Controllers

  1. To Set Up Multiple Zones: repeat the steps above in “How to Pair”, assigning each zone its own number on the controller you are using. An unlimited number of Wireless Receivers can be set to a single zone. The total number of zones is limited only by the remote controller being used with this Receiver.
  2. To Set Up Multiple Remotes to Control the Same Wireless Receiver: Each Wireless Receiver can be controlled by a maximum of 8 different remote controllers. To set up, repeat the steps above in “How to Pair” for each remote.