This was written as a feature in Alloy LED’s print catalog to highlight creative uses for its products.

Our mission is to show the world that the environment you live in, and the lighting you put in it, is limited only by your imagination.

We always have our eyes open to spot innovators who are taking their work to new places.

Craig Dorety is a Portland, Oregon, artist who uses LED lighting to make artwork that constantly changes.

With hand-built color controls, he creates immersive light-based sculptures carefully calibrated to change color at a speed just within the threshold of perception, so that viewers interact with the pieces in a quiet, subtle way.

Alloy LED is helping Dorety scale up from small, discrete pieces to room-sized installations that bring the audience inside a world of light.

In the piece below, he is experimenting with Varien 5.5 Dim-to-Warm tape light to make subtle transitions from warm white to candlelight white light.