Alloy LED Sets a New Standard for LED Dimming with Launch of High Power Factor Drivers

The US-based LED lighting manufacturer and distributor introduces the PowerFactor line of dimmable drivers, offering one of the smoothest dimming and highest efficiency transformers on the market.

MAY 24, 2018 – EMERYVILLE, CA.
Alloy LED has engineered the PowerFactor line of drivers to meet an industry need: a dimmable LED driver that has all—not just a few—of the features needed for a top-quality LED lighting installation. The primary features are a power factor of up to 0.99, which means it is one of the most efficient possible power supplies available, and that it includes an ETL Listed junction box.

Alloy LED President Joe Flynn explains that, “A high power factor isn’t just a talking point, it translates into reliability and a lower use of electricity, and that can have a big impact on maintenance costs for large commercial and residential applications. Smooth dimming, flicker-free performance, and a high power factor are some of the qualities required to comply with California’s Title 24 JA8 2016 building code. Meeting that standard is very important to many of our contractor and specifier customers.”

In addition to efficiency, PowerFactor Drivers enable smooth PWM dimming with no flicker. Unlike many drivers on the market that offer limited dimming compatibility, PowerFactors are designed to be cross-compatible with many dimmer switch types, including Triac, ELV, MLV, forward and reverse phase dimmers, and on/off switches.

Other features include: a wide 100~277V AC input that makes PowerFactor suitable for residential and commercial applications. The product line includes high wattage models of up to 300W, so that fewer units can be used to power more lighting, and the driver’s flat and compact form factor makes it easy to conceal. PowerFactor drivers can be loaded to maximum wattage capacity, with a minimum load of only 10%.

The driver comes ready for inspection in an ETL Listed junction box, and includes a 5 year warranty that greatly exceeds the industry average warranty term of 2 to 3 years.

About: Alloy LED is a manufacturer and distributor of superior LED lighting solutions that enhance the way people live and work. Alloy offers products through wholesale and commercial sales channels.

Press Contact: Joe Flynn
President, Alloy LED