This is the text of an installation guide for assembling and installing an LED light fixture. See the PDF, with graphics, of the following instructions here.

  1. Before installing the tape light in the channel, test the connection to power. If using a full spool of tape light, connect one end of the tape to DC power and turn power on. If using a cut section of tape light, attach the appropriate connector to the tape and then connect to DC power.
  2. Channel end caps are available in both open (left) and closed (right) models. The open end cap lets the power wire pass from the inside of the channel to the DC power supply. Please note: you may need to remove the white jacket around the wires of the Tape Light Splice Connector so the wires can fit through the opening in the end cap. On the other end of the channel, the closed end cap provides a seal.
  3. Insert the tape light into the channel by peeling off the covering of the tape light’s adhesive backing and pressing the tape in a straight line, starting at one end of the channel and moving to the other end to ensure flat, even adhesion.
  4. If using multiple runs, connect them with a Tape-to-Tape Flexible Extension (above) or by soldering a wire (see step 6).
  5. Be sure to insert the power wire through the open end cap before attaching to the DC power supply.
  6. Connect the power wire to the tape, either by soldering or using a Tape Light Splice Connector.
  7. Put the cover in place by squeezing the sides and pressing the cover down into the grooves at the top of the channel, starting at one end and moving to the other.
  8. Use at least one pair of Ceiling Mounting Kits, which include a length of wire pre-assembled with a ceiling mount and a channel mount, to suspend the channel.
  9. First loosen the screw in the channel mount, then slide the mount with screw into the base of the channel, positioning it a few inches from the end of the channel, and tighten using the mount.
  10. Insert the end caps into the ends of the channel with even pressure on both sides to ensure a snug fit. Secure the end caps with the included screws.
  11. The ceiling mount features a retractable pin so the wire can be moved in either direction to get an exact length. Pull the wire through the ceiling mount.
  12. Attach the ceiling mounts to the ceiling. Then set the correct height of the fixture by pulling the wires through the ceiling mount. When the fixture height is correct, trim the excess mounting wire.
  13. Connect to DC power.